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cowboy matches

 The Firing Line Gun Club will be hosting cowboy action matches on the third sunday of the month from 9AM - 2PM for members and (guests who have shot this discipline previously).

Match fees will be $15 per person for non-members and $10 for members.

This sport requires a loaded firearm to be drawn from the holster so individuals must be holster qualified to partake in the matches. Cowboy action holsters will be permitted for matches only as the trigger guard is exposed and contrary to our club rules. (this exception is permitted as the hammer is down on an empty cylinder)

Equipment requirements are as follows: (see sass rules on the internet)

2 single action revolvers chambered in 38/357 , 44 or 45Colt with fixed sights ( first timers will be allowed to shoot a double/single in single action with or without adjustable sights)

1 rifle chambered in a pistol cartridge i.e. 38/357 44 45 colt

1-shotgun sxs double barrel in 410, 20 or 12 ga (live ammunuition will not be used) snap caps, primer only or empty shells will be permitted

Western attire is optional

Ammunition must be target loads and not full factory loaded ammuntion. In accordance with SASS rules ammunition must be lead

The match will require full use of bay 3 and bay 2. Bay 1 will be available for casual shooting

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New Website Online

The Firing Line is located at 439 Turenne Street in St Boniface off of Marion Ave.

Mail to: FLGC Box 69030 RPO Tuxedo Winnipeg MB  R3P 2G9

E-mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (please allow up to 24 hours for reply)

Leave a note in the guest fee mailbox at the club

or Call the office at 233-4600 and leave a message (allow up to 7 days for reply).


* Memberships can be paid for by cash or cheque only

** New member orientation on the first and third Thursday night at 6:30PM
You must reserve a spot by sending an e-mail at least 48 hours in advance to 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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There is a scheduled PPC match every month from December to March on the first Sunday of each month. Match time is 9AM and finishes after all participants have completed the course of fire. This does not interfere with general membership range access. Generally done by noon

There is a tentatively scheduled IPSC match on the second Sunday of each month from  January to April. All three ranges are used from 9AM to 4PM so check the bulletin board at the club for confirmation of dates. General membership range access is not available when a match is scheduled until after 4PM.

Cowboy action matches will take place on the third Sunday f the month from November to April from 9AM -2PM Only bay 1 will be used. general membership access is not effected

MDPL usually has 2 matches one in January and one in April and only use 2 shooting bays. General membership range access is not effected. Check the MBDPL website.

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We are All Volunteers

At the Firing Line Gun Club we all need to do our part to promote safety, to assist and mentor new shooters and make sure we do our part to promote a sport that is fun and safe.

Volunteers are the backbone of our club and keep our membership costs manageable.

Make sure you do your part to keep the facility clean, by cleaning up the range after you shoot, making sure there are supplies available for the next person. Ensure that nobody has to clean up after you and that if something isn't quite right fix it or let us know that there is something in need of repair or attention.

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