Safety and Security

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Club Overview

If you're new to shooting a handgun the Firing Line Gun Club this is the place to start. We are located at 439 Turenne St in Saint Boniface just off of Marion, close to Lagimodiere Boulevard.

We have a range that is world class with 15 shooting positions that are independent of each other.

The target hangars are motorized and individually controlled by a switch so that they can be positioned between 10 yards to 25 yards depending on your preference.

All types of ammunition can be used including lead, jacketed, and hollow points. ( no steel core)

All handguns can be used as long as they are properly registered to the user and all paperwork is in order for the authorization to transport. The largest caliber permitted is 45LC.

The only acceptable rifle that can be used is the 22LR (some exceptions apply)
*Rifles chambered in a pistol caliber with target loads are permissible.

New members are required to complete a 2 hour orientation course that will be given at the time the membership application is completed and submitted in person. This course covers the information that you need to know to safely use the facilities. New Member Orientation takes place only on the first and third Thursday of the month at 6:15 PM sharp

You will need to send an e-mail at least a day in advance indicating that you will be attending the orientation session to reserve a spot please be there at 6:30 with your PAL and payment

The range is unsupervised, meaning the only people using it are members and access is gained using an electronic security card that will be issued to each member after payment is received and the safety course is completed. The door is not open and no-one will be allowed in unless they are members except for new members taking the orientation. (Ring the doorbell to gain access)

Range hours are M-F Noon to 11PM and Sat & Sun from 9AM -11PM

Members must have a valid PAL to participate in using the facilities.

Membership is $425.00 * per year for 7 day access * (12 months from the date you join) plus $50 no volunteers required at this time

Saturday only membership access is $300.00 * 

Senior rates (60+) access $300.00 *

* 10 hours of volunteer services is required to get these rates. No volunteer dates  available at this time

** An additional fee of $50.00 per year is assessed if the member does not meet volunteer requirements NO VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME

See other membership rates under Membership Rates 

For detailed club information see Range Rules section

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In the interest of social distancing we will be permitting ONLY 9 active shooters at a time;  3 per bay one in position 1, 3 and 5  leaving a 6 foot distance apart

We ask you to use common sense and good judgement  when using the facilities and being respectful of the other members present

6 members may remain in the general club room area while other members actively shooting maintain social distancing of 2 meters

Advise anyone else trying to enter the facility that they must wait outside until someone leaves the building 

You may now bring guests into the facility

Unless they reside in the same residence as they are to be supervised at arms length, that is too close to maintain safe social distancing ( so wear masks)

Last but not least please limit your shooting time to an hour if there are other members waiting

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these new rules